James Skripchuk
Playing in everyone's backyard since 1998

About Me

My name is James Skripchuk, and I’m working on my Computer Science PhD at North Carolina State University with a focus in Computer Science Education.

I am interested on how we can use data-driven methods to make learning Computer Science more accessible and authentic. My current research at the HINTS Lab is investigating how students learn and conceptualize machine learning models. In addition to this, I am also interested in understanding how novice programmers seek for help on the Internet when they are stuck.

If you want a more detailed list of my accomplishments, you can download my CV or look at my LinkedIn.


I am very grateful to have received the 2018 Steven Geracimos Memorial Award by the University of Delaware for my work in Computer Science research and computational thinking under Lori Pollock. I was one of four undergraduates selected to become a “Computational Thinking Fellow” under an NSF funded grant in order to infuse computational thinking principles into general education courses at UD. Specifically, I spent multiple semesters working with the UD music department in designing, implementing, and refactoring the new course MUSC106: Computational Thinking in Music.


I have a passion for science and science education. I’m a total music theory nerd with a penchant for digital fusion, jazz, and experimental electronic music. Anonymity on the internet is fake, so you’ll probably be able to find my musical alias if you look hard enough.